• What is fashion law?


    Fashion law is an emerging area of practice, research, and study that looks into the legal issues affecting the fashion sector: from contract to employment law, from corporate to data protection and privacy, from intermediary liability to intellectual property, we look into how these legal rules apply in this business sector.


    As one may imagine, the protection, exploitation, and enforcement of immaterial assets plays a key role in helping fashion business thrive in ever competitive marketplaces and build the image that they want to convey through their brands.


    Why Fashion Law London?


    We are driven by passion for a new and exciting subject.


    We want to fill a gap in the legal education sector by creating engaging and innovative content. We research and analyze the UK and European legislative and regulatory framework in which fashion companies operate and comment on how it may affect luxury and fast fashion brands.


    We bring together the law and the knowledge of high-profile figures in the sector to deliver invaluable expert insights.


    Our views and work are fully independent, and we are not endorsed by or affiliated to any law office or other organization.


    We strive to establish an international network of fashion business and law professionals to share and discuss upcoming trends and issues affecting the industry.


    What do we offer?


    Fashion Law London is primarily aimed at delivering knowledge in relation to the legal issues affecting the fashion sector, and providing opportunities of discussion for interested persons.


    What we mostly do is to organize residential events and deliver online courses and webinars, as well as engaging with our community through newsletters and legal publications.


    Who is it for?


    Our courses are made for legal professionals working (or indeed aspiring to work) for fashion clients. They are particularly suited to those who have an interest and practice intellectual property law, commercial law, e-commerce, technology, and privacy.


    You are very welcome to contact us at any time if you have any questions and want to know more about us and our past or future events.

    Video credits: Alex Pirnak